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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

One new article was rejected

I am very concerned about it since some of the data in the paper are related to mine. The first author has already been back to Europe, and I have to do some experiments by myself, otherwise my paper would be killed either...I don't expect that happen...

And I have to apply a new surgical approach or other new method available...It is really pretty difficult.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Cochlear implant is good for some deaf peoples?

coming soon!

Did you ever experience tinnitus or ringing ear?

The ARO 2005 has a lot of Posters in tinnitus studies. There were many multidisplinary works which are going very well. Hopefully we will get this disease controlled in the very near future.

If you experience ringing ear, let us know. That is really helpful to our research.

Auditory brainstem implant is looming in 20 years?

coming soon!

ARO is coming near... ...

The deadline for submission of abstracts to attend next ARO is september 30.

I am very busy these days. I still have no idea how to write it although I have a lot of interesting data...but the abstract will shape my way in coming months. I need to do more experiments, take pictures and draw a lot. Also, I need to figure out how to write a paper after ARO.

Anyway, I am excited we are going to New Orleans this time. I favor the change although I enjoyed my stay at Daytona Beach, Florida.