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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fw: single cell retrieval for PCR

Wednesday, Carl Zeiss will demonstrate its Palm laser microdissection system for single cell retrieval for PCR. A laser beam isolates single cells from cell monolayers or tissue sections depositing them in individual Eppendorf tubes for molecular analysis. The operator examines the tissue section by light or fluorescence microscopy and circles the cells of interest on the computer monitor; a laser beam then cuts around each cell and pops it off and into a tube.

Demonstrations are Tuesday 4/26 through Thursday 4/28 in room 326 PCTB. A seminar on the technique will be presented in the Mountcastle Auditorium across from the cafeteria in PCTB at 1pm on Wednesday. Refreshments will be provided. Registration and scheduling with Zeiss are required. Contact : Jack Garner at jgarner@zeiss.com or call 800-543-1033 x7611.


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