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Monday, April 25, 2005

Fw: JARO Editor Nominations

Dear ARO Member,

Dr. Eric Young, founding editor of the Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (JARO) has indicated a desire to step down as soon after the February 2006 ARO meeting as reasonable. With regret, and with the greatest thanks to Eric for doing a superlative job as editor for over 6 years, ARO accepts the fact that we must find a new editor.

According to ARO policy, all active members of ARO are invited to submit names for consideration for editor. The “job description” for editor in the JARO Policy guide states:

“The JARO Editor must be a member of ARO and be a highly regarded scholar who has an appreciation of the breadth of scholarship in our field. The JARO Editor also should have editorial, fiscal, and leadership experience, and have the highest professional and personal integrity. The JARO Editor serves a five-year renewable term.”

In addition, and based on the experiences of Dr. Young, it is clear that the JARO editor must have strong management skills, show a high level of organization, and have a strong commitment to the enhancement of JARO. Moreover, the new editor must be able to assemble a large group of Associate Editors and work with them, and with our publisher, to assure the highest quality papers and the highest quality journal.

We invite all ARO members to submit names of potential editors, and/or to nominate themselves. For each nomination please give the full name of the candidate and provide us with a 2-4 sentence reason for suggesting this person. Nominations without such a statement will not be accepted. Nominations should be sent via email to the co-chairs of the JARO Publications Committee, Gerald Popelka and Arthur Popper (popelka@ohns.stanford.edu, apopper@umd.edu). All nominations should be received no later than July 1, 2005.

Gerald R. Popelka, PhD, Co-Chair
Arthur N. Popper, PhD, Co-Chair
Publication Committee


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